CPP Research Support

CPP, Inc., understands that many organizations and academics do original research using CPP assessments. This page is intended to provide a guide to the kinds of support that CPP offers researchers who are furthering basic understanding and finding innovative uses of CPP assessments.

The most common and general types of support are listed below, but CPP understands that people do all kinds of interesting things with CPP assessments. If these options do not meet your needs, feel free to contact the Research Division (research@cpp.com).

Support for Original Research. Academicians in particular often want to simply administer CPP assessments as part of an original study. To make these kinds of studies as easy and cost efficient as possible, CPP Research can offer qualified researchers free or discounted SkillsOne® accounts, administrations of assessments, scoring and data extractions. Other kinds of support (e.g., discounted printed materials) are considered as well. Those interested in free or discounted online accounts and materials should complete a Request for Support.

Data extractions. For customers who are adept at handling data, CPP can provide assessment data from a customer's  SkillsOne® account, including all demographics, items, and scores, along with a data guide. This option tends to be quick (less than one week) and relatively inexpensive ($250 per query). Simply complete a Data Extraction Request.

Discovery. The website Discovery is the online home of CPP's Research Division. Several experimental forms of CPP's assessments are posted here for the general public to take for free, some of them in multiple languages. These experimental forms are generally longer than the commercially available forms and may contain experimental items. Researchers willing to use these forms may be able to collect their CPP assessment data using Discovery, and depending on the project, CPP may assist researchers by setting up customized questionnaires and content on Discovery. Researchers interested in using Discovery should complete a Request for Support.

Research Services. CPP can help academic or business customers design and carry out original research studies under a Research Services contract. The range of services can be quite broad, and customers interested in Research Services are encouraged to contact the Research Division.

Special notes regarding research with the MBTI assessment.

Researchers interested in the MBTI assessment are encouraged to utilize the services of the not-for-profit Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT), founded by Isabel Briggs Myers and Mary McCaulley in 1975. CAPT’s mission is to: “…extend and teach the accurate understanding of the ethical and practical applications of C.G. Jung's theory of psychological types, which shows how our differences in experiencing events and making decisions can be valuable rather than divisive, and can be used constructively.”

In addition to hosting a searchable, online bibliography of articles and books relevant to psychological type, CAPT offers support to interested researchers regarding study design, methodology, and appropriate topics. For more information, contact Dr. Robert McPeek (bob@capt.org).

In addition, Association for Psychological Type International provides resources for MBTI related studies.

Researchers may also want to consider the Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Research Awards, a separate program sponsored by the Myers & Briggs Foundation.




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